Natalia has dressmaking in her genes. Both her mother and grandmother made clothes for themselves and friends and family. Natalia went further. After attending art school and earning a college degree in economics, she decided to turn her passion for fashion into a career. Natalia’s designs are classic and feminine but with a twist – an asymmetric cut here, an unexpected panel there – and all showcase her signature attention to detail and love of beautiful fabrics. It was quite obvious that the world Natalia is going to live will be a fashion one. As a child, Natalia created the gowns for the dolls. When she grew up she began to make her own outfits. Later she became a tailor and had a big clientele in her native Moldova. Moving to NYC gave Natalia a huge confidence that it was the right time and place to launch her first wedding gown line which was called Nazarela.

Elegance and femininity became her trademark. Using silk lightweight fabrics, exploring the beauty of magnificent laces, combining the innovation of the style with perfect techniques make Nazarela gowns the best choice for modern bride who wants her gown to be unique.A very important element for designer is the choice of her fabrics and laces. There is parade of silks and French laces. Quality of both fabrics and work is the main Nazarela’s target, supported by details and beautiful finishes.